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More than just a podcast, The Discovery Doc Podcast is a thriving community of like-minded individuals eager to embrace your holistic offerings. Partnering with us means tapping into a dedicated audience ready to engage with your brand.

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Our listeners are all about well-being and positivity. Your products or services align perfectly with their lifestyle, making you a natural fit.

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Let's highlight what makes your brand unique. Share your story and values with our audience – they're eager to learn more about you.

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Just like our podcast, our partnership will be full of fun, authenticity, and good vibes. No stiff suits here – we're all about casual, empowering & engaging conversations.

Hey, I'm Dr. CeCe!

I'm a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, crunchy mama of 4, self-proclaimed toxin tamer, and your host of this INSANE podcast alongside my friend Annah Kate!

Annah Kate is our medical mystery overachiever and Discovery liaison. She’s here to ask the questions you are thinking!

On some episodes, you’ll hear from Annah Kate and I. While on others, there will be an amazing expert guest providing their own perspective, education, & advice.

More About Me

Besides being a Family Nurse Practitioner, I’m mama to Ava,

Jaxon, Jada, & Jace and (as you might’ve guessed by now) a HUGE

health and wellness junkie. At the clinic (s/o to my homies at

Discovery Wellness Group), I’m known as Dr. Brooks because

I’m also a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

After clinic hours, I’m either spending time with my husband and kids or divulging in some much appreciated self-care. You can usually find me enjoying some fresh air, working out, or whipping up some homemade snacks!

If it involves traveling, reading, meditating, or hot yoga, that would be a heck yes for me!

If I sound like someone who could be an advocate for your products with my podcast let's connect!

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