But, what do you do exactly…?

The Discovery Doc platform is here to serve all of you non-toxic, crunchy (but tequila drinking) mamas who want to know your options.

The Discovery Doc is an educational platform where I share tips + tricks on living a less toxic lifestyle, holistic options, natural remedies, & all things mama related.

But, I also own a dope medical practice where I can help you navigate your health on a personal level.

Here's how we can work together:

Via My Medical Practice, Discovery Wellness Group

This is for anyone looking to become a patient of Dr. CeCe.

At Discovery Wellness Group, we offer functional medicine appointments for the whole family - including children and adults! These patients often suffer from unexplainable chronic symptoms that we work to navigate. From chronic fatigue to autoimmune disorders to PANDAS and everything in between, we got you covered.

We also offer newborn home visits and holistic well child visits. Additionally, Discovery Wellness Group offers IV and Peptide therapy, Infrared Sauna, and PEMF Pulse therapy.

Our medical practice is located in Cumming, GA, however we do accept patients from all over and can do virtually everything from afar!

More on Discovery Wellness Group

In my functional medicine practice, we cover dang near everything. From newborn house calls to well child visits to patients
who suffer from chronic symptoms. I got you. Read on, my friends.


This is the bulk of my day. My average patient has exhausted conventional medicine. Has been told everything ‘looks fine’.
Has been to specialist after specialist without even a glimmer of
an answer. And has been suffering for years. Chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal issues, mood disorders, unexplainable symptoms, you name it, I see it. And I dig until I
find the reason why those symptoms are occurring. There’s an underlying reason for everything, ya’ll. And I’m here to find that
and get rid of it - not to mask it with a bandaid.


I’m all about keeping the kiddos healthy from the get-go. In-
office well child visits are available from newborn on. I offer a
safe, judgment free space that focuses on supporting you as
the parent in making educated, informed decisions when it
comes to your child’s health. Essentially, I bridge the world of modern medicine & mother nature. Getting to the root cause of
an issue and providing holistic options is my bread & butter, but
I firmly believe there is a time and place for all types of
medicine. I also firmly believe in open conversations.


Figuring out if we’re right for each other is important! Prenatal
office visits or phone calls are available so we can see if it’ll be a good fit for your future munchkin. It’s also a great time to
discuss all sorts of options, birthing plans, and comprehensive prenatal & postpartum care [because moms need to be taken
care of too, ya know].


This is for all my mamas who don’t want to leave the house
after a baby vacates. Newborn visits must take place between
days 3-5 of life. House calls may also be done if a 2-week visit is needed. This is for both hospital and home birth parents. For
home birth parents: newborn screen is typically performed by
the midwife, however, the service is available if needed & must
be done within 48 hours of life. Newborn hearing screens are
also available & can be performed between days 3-5.

Not sure which appointment type is right for you?

Just shoot us a message & we'll help guide you!

Amber M.

Here I am at 36 weeks gestation and cholestasis free!!!

“I suffered from pregnancy induced cholestasis in my previous pregnancy. I had excruciating itching that began at 8 weeks gestation. Traditional doctors struggled to get me through and I was induced at 30 weeks because of it. They told me I would have it in every pregnancy. This time around, I worked with Dr. Brooks and implemented her holistic protocol to avoiding cholestasis - and here I am at 36 weeks gestation and cholestasis free!!!”

Courtney B.

When I met Dr. CeCe, I was fearful and broken.

“When I met Dr. CeCe, I was fearful and broken.
I knew I needed help raising my boys, but I
didn’t know who to trust. With every meeting,
her smile, love, confidence, and knowledge broke down all barriers in my heart and mind.
She literally treats my sons like they are her own.
She is kind and gentle. I am so grateful to have found her. She is an invaluable resource in our community and I know she will be a part of my family’s health and wellness for a very long

Jessica D.

My first two pregnancies were absolutely miserable.

“My first two pregnancies were absolutely miserable. I was fatigued the entire time and suffered from allergies, insomnia, and severe brain fog for 9-months. Dr. CeCe truly helped
me gain control of my health so that I could
enjoy my third pregnancy
. I learned so much from our time together. She was patient, kind, and encouraged me to stick to my mommy instincts. I am forever grateful!”

So if you're tired of...

  • Feeling unsure about your health or your child’s health

  • Worrying about becoming pregnant

  • Feeling bullied into how your health or your child’s health is being managed

  • Being alone in your wellness journey

  • Or being frustrated with the traditional medical model

Then let's change that!

“I owe Dr. CeCe my health. Prior to meeting with her, I didn’t know which way was up. I was lost, confused, and felt like I had been lied to for years. Dr. CeCe pulled me out of this place and allowed me to grow my own wings. She supported me until I could confidently care for myself and my children in the way I always wanted to”

- Kelsey W.


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