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I empower people to make educated decisions on the health and
wellness of their families.

Hi, I’m Caroline, but you can call me CeCe...

I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner, mama to Ava, Jaxon , & Jada, and (as you might’ve guessed) a HUGE health and wellness junkie. At the clinic, I’m known as Dr. Brooks because I’m also a Doctor of Nursing Practice (your girl loves furthering her education), so I see, treat & diagnose my own patients just like an MD!

I know first hand what it’s like when medical professionals don’t listen. And so I make sure I do. I listen to my patients and the caregivers. And I mean actually listen. I learn just as much from my patients as they do from me.

Oh and my patients? They’re tiny humans [& big humans] who deserve the best.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I empower my patients with knowledge and resources in order to make their own educated, informed decisions on their own and their child’s health and wellness.


Like sea diving deep. It’s never enough for me to know that a person has a particular illness or experience, I’m that person that is CONSTANTLY asking “why?” Because relief doesn’t just lie in the ointment or bottle of pills that ease discomfort temporarily; relief comes from an actual cure.

Most people might think my superpower is my doctorate, but honestly, its being accessible to those who need me, being a comfort to people during uncertain and stressful times, and just being freakin’ real with people and patients, in AND out of my uber chic lab coat.

Ready to discover a simpler, less toxic lifestyle for you and your family?YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE

How I can support you and the entire family:

1:1 Concierge Wellness Consultation

These 3- to 12-month long programs are designed for women
who are thinking of becoming pregnant, who are currently
pregnant, or who are within six months postpartum.

Our unique programs are meant to elevate your health [and
baby’s!] during these crucial times. In our time together, we’ll go through: functional medicine laboratory testing, unique wellness
protocols, natural options and remedies, baby essentials,
pregnancy & newborn advocacy, and, of course, all the things
nontoxic - so that you can reach your optimal health.

During this time, clients are provided with personal access
to me via slack for additional support between meetings.
Additionally, all laboratory work is included in the fee!

& in the end, there is always an option to extend our time
together. I love helping mamas support their kiddos holistically
throughout the first year of life! By establishing health &
wellness from the start, we can help to prevent complications
later on.

Please Note: This is a super informative, educational based program for overall WELLNESS and very exclusive. Only a few clients are accepted per year! If you are suffering from chronic symptoms, please see the information on my medical practice.

Via My Medical Practice, Discovery Wellness Group

This is for anyone looking to become a patient of Dr. CeCe.

At Discovery Wellness Group, we offer functional medicine appointments for the whole family - including children and adults! These patients often suffer from unexplainable chronic symptoms that we work to navigate. From chronic fatigue to autoimmune disorders to PANDAS and everything in between, we got you covered.

We also offer newborn home visits and holistic well child visits. Additionally, Discovery Wellness Group offers IV and Peptide therapy, Infrared Sauna, and PEMF Pulse therapy.

Our medical practice is located in Cumming, GA, however we do accept patients from all over and can do virtually everything from afar!

who I help...

I help mamas elevate their health in
order to set kiddos up for an optimal

I suffered from Pregnancy Induced Cholestasis at 25
years old when I was pregnant with my first child.
Cholestasis kicked in at 36 weeks gestation and I was
forced to have a c-section at 38 weeks because of it.
With my second pregnancy, cholestasis began at 34
weeks gestation. And so, I needed to be induced at 37
weeks gestation. I was told there are genetic
components and "nothing really" can be done to avoid
it, "once you have it, you'll most likely have it again".
Well, ya'll, with my third pregnancy I sure did NOT have
it! I delivered our baby at home at 41 weeks gestation -
all because I took control of my health. I prepared my
body prior to pregnancy and I supported my body
properly during pregnancy. By diving into women's
health prior to and during pregnancy, my hope is to
prevent some mamas out there from unnecessary

Is this you?

≫ Worried of becoming pregnant due to current health status or past experience ≪

≫ Frustrated with the traditional medical model ≪

≫ Unsure about health decisions being made for you or your child ≪

≫ Feeling bullied into how your health or your child’s health is managed ≪

You’re in luck!

I got you covered for all your mama needs.

Working with you prior to pregnancy is THE
BEST way to ensure optimal health going into pregnancy.

If you become pregnant (or are currently pregnant), we
can then continue our journey to elevate your health
during pregnancy. This is a great way to avoid previous
pregnancy related ailments, set you up for your best
pregnancy, and appropriately maintain detox
pathways, mitochondrial function, & nutritional needs.

As pregnancy continues, I will help you understand
and know your options, provide natural remedies and
protocols, and get you prepped for non-toxic living with
your babe. Once the little human arrives (or if you are
currently postpartum), we will then focus on healing
your mind and body. We will also work on setting the
baby up for wellness success. This includes natural
remedies for common ailments, non-toxic living,
advocating for your child, and wellness

If that’s not your vibe, no worries, my medical practice is
here to help. I want to empower you to be the best
advocate for your child. Whether that means advice on
choices, routine wellness recommendations,
or confidently caring for your sick child - I got you.


A Family Nurse Practitioner, mama to Ava,
Jaxon , & Jada, and a HUGE health and
wellness junkie.


Keeping mamas sane & kiddos healthy.


I’m all about merging two worlds: non-toxic
living + convenience. Shop my faves below!

Client Testimonials

“Her warmth and kindness made the
kids feel comfortable right away, and
her knowledge, compassion, and
thoughtfulness put our entire family
at ease. Dr. CeCe provided us with a
structured protocol that brought
both kids tremendous lasting relief.
We are so grateful for Dr. CeCe!”

- Melissa V.

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