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Welcome to The Discovery Doc Podcast!

This is your go-to resource for unlocking hours (and hours) of enriching content to elevate your knowledge, amplify your impact, and deepen your connection to the world of whole body discovery.

Tune in to explore insightful discussions, gain valuable insights, and ignite your curiosity.

Whether you're seeking toxin taming swaps, empowering health knowledge or simply a dose of inspiration,

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The Discovery Doc, Toxin Tamer, Non-Toxic, Lyme, Chronic Illness, Whole Body Approach to Wellness

  • What functional medicine is and how it differs from conventional medicine.

  • Strategies for incorporating functional medicine principles into daily life.

  • The importance of prioritizing non-toxic living for families.

  • Practical tips for transitioning to a non-toxic lifestyle.

  • Strategies for managing time, energy, and stress..

  • The significance of self-care and mental health.

  • Tips for optimizing productivity and goal-setting navigating chronic illness..

  • Practical advice for adopting a "crunchy" parenting approach.

  • Eco-friendly parenting practices and sustainable living tips.

  • How to navigate challenges while raising children naturally.

  • Insights and experiences from a mom of four on parenting a large family.

  • Tips for implementing eco-friendly practices.

  • Natural remedies and holistic approaches to optimal wellness.

  • Practical advice for aligning family goal and values with

    everyday life.

Hey ya'll, I'm Dr. CeCe!

I'm a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, a crunchy mama of four, dubbed as the toxin tamer, and your enthusiastic host of this wild podcast, alongside my partner-in-mischief, Annah Kate!

Annah Kate is our medical mystery over achiever and your Discovery liaison, here to voice the questions on your mind! All while trying to pronounce hard words.

In some episodes, you'll catch Annah Kate and me in action. On others, we'll feature incredible expert guests sharing their unique perspectives, insights, and advice.

Join the Conversation and Let's Discover Together!

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